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Meet Our Staff




Our triple threat Olivia, salon owner, 12 years in beauty, 16 years in hair – Livvy is on a journey of lifelong learning. She loves upskilling, teaching and sharing her passion while being able to make her clients feel like their best selves.

Her love of learning extends beyond the shores, she’s an avid traveller visiting more than 10 countries and counting!

She has a mean selfie game, a couple of cute bulldogs and is a regular at Aunty Liv duties. Doesn’t mind a good feed, has expensive tastes and owns a mini K-Mart boombox with dual microphones and she ain’t afraid to use it (according to the neighbours).



Melissa’s journey with Insignia began in 2013 as the salon manager, she is the pulse of the salon keeping everything and everyone on track! He extensive experience in salon management ensures our clients have the most welcoming and satisfying experience every time.

Melissa is a self-declared social butterfly and loves interacting with our Insignia Clients, making each of them feel the best version of themselves and encouraging everyone to love the body they’re in. She wouldn’t change anything about her day job! She dreams of being a co-owner of a beauty business and to keep building her extensive repertoire of business management skills.

In her spare time she is a MUber to her two little people taking them between dance, swimming, soccer and footy. And her special focus is being late to every single event in her diary! Lucky she keeps our clients on track with her confirmations. Insignia would be lost without Mel and her invaluable skills and contributions.



Emma is the unofficial queen of Insignia, as the longest serving employee in her 15 years of hair industry experience she has spent 13 behind the basin at Insignia.

Her favourite technique is balayage and up styling. Her favourite sport is bushwalking or being at the beach. She is a proud ‘dance Mom’ and Pizza enthusiast. Dreams of traveling the world or at least to the good bits.

Follow her hair styling @emma.insigniahair



Our former beachside babe made the transition to Insignia four years ago and hasn’t looked back, reckons it’s the best move she has ever made! With more than 20 years experience at the colour bench, creating a new look for her clients remains her favourite part of the job. Mikaela loves to spend time with family and enjoys always keeping busy – enjoying every inch of life. Her favourite activities are fishing, bushwalking, cooking for her loved and loves to unwinds with a margarita, on the dance floor with a karaoke mic in hand. She has the biggest love for all dogs especially her fur baby ANTAR. Her hard work and bright personality shines through the salon.



The royal title of King of Insignia is bestowed on this gun of a stylist. He loves his bridal up styles or a big colour job.

He’s been in the industry for more than 16 years, and wants to keep getting better by challenging himself and the clients he works with. His little growing family keeps him busy in his down time, and he is working on his ability to unwind and relax.

He’s a Mediterranean kitchen whizz and loves to entertain and spoil his friends and loved ones. He’s a DIY Dad and weekend warrior around the house. He loves solving the world its of bad hair days.



Janahya started as a work experience student and hasn’t left! Our resident full time beauty therapist and keeper of the ‘beauty side’ ensures all our beauty clients have a memorable and transformative experience when they spend time with us. She is a qualified lash technician and enjoys lashes and make up the most, with her favourite being bridal and wedding make up. She likes to get her hands dirty helping clients with their skin needs and creating regimes that help with their concerns.

In 2023 she’ll be training in eyebrow feathering and she can’t wait to take her ‘gap year’ and travel Europe and Australia.

She is a gym junkie and is looking to smash her deadlift PB of 70kgs.

Follow her journey @janahya.insigniabeauty



Phoebe arrived as a fresh-faced hair apprentice in 2016 and hasn’t left! She is our colour expert and loves a good blonde transformation and anything with colour! Going for a long drive with her country music up loud helps her to unwind and lives her best life spending time with her family and loved (liked) ones and down the Coast by the beach, not in it though!

Follow Phoebe @phoebe.insigniahair



The Queen of social media content and reel creator! Loves the application of hair extensions and is currently in her second year hair apprenticeship at TAFE. Self-confessed homebody and binges a good crime series, but not Brooklyn 99! Loves fashion, indulges in a good splurge occasionally and dreams of visiting Greece, her passport has one stamp; a trip to Florida for cheerleading in Orlando!

Follow Nat’s journey @natalie.insigniahair



In the industry for 15 years, Anya loves the challenge of a “make over” and helping clients achieve that ‘break up’ hair style, along with colour braids using hair extensions! Anya keeps busy outside the salon with her three children four dogs, one husband and a side-hustle Candles by Anya!

You can find her hair talent and candles the gram @anya.insigniahair



Our second-year apprentice student, middle child and aspiring holder of the head massage queen title, ensuring all her clients get to really relax at the basin during rinse and treatments. She plans on honing the up styles for clients and to be mentored by Insignias’ Steve! She is a self-confessed rev head and spends time at the drag races with her Dad. She tells us she drives more safely than the drag cars. Loves baking, with her speciality being blueberry muffins and takes any opportunity to take a long hot shower.

You can find her hair talent on the gram @hayley.insigniahair



Our newest addition to the beauty team Amanda has racked up more than 15 years in the beauty industry, loves the art of spoiling her clients with a good massage and a facial. Her passion is making people feel good about themselves. In her spare time she loves to unwind with resin art and create unique pieces for her family and loved ones or herself. If she had one wish she would make everyone live for forever.

Follow her beauty on insta @amanda.insigniabeauty



Kayah joined Insignia straight after graduating from  studies and with qualifications in beauty therapy &  fully competent lash technician!

She loves to pamper her clients with a facial and enjoys the transformative nature of make-up and lashes, giving her clients a face they love show off for any occasion.

She loves to travel, give her any beachside destination and she’ll be happy! And her favourite way to unwind by going with the flow. 



Our rockstar recruit Linley joined insignia on a part time basis and helps our salon run smoothly on our busiest days of the week. She is an avid Panthers fan, a keen traveller and spends her weekends with her group of friends going to various activities and events. She’s the baby in her family with two older brothers and a proud Aunty to her three nieces and one nephew. Her favourite part of Insignia are her colleagues and being part of the team. Loves to kick back in her spare time with some PS4, cooks a mean chicken sausage and mash. Say hi to Linley when your next in, she is our very own Salon Cinderella keeping everything sparkly.



Kate is in charge of back of da’house at the salon and keeps everything running silky smooth, she makes it possible for the salon to have ‘no bad hair days!.’ She is the salons PA and helps keep Insignia a well oiled machine. She’s been a hairdresser for over 25 years and is passionate about the young stylists achieving their goals and growing into confident and skilled stylists and the personal challenge this presents her.

On the weakened you can find Kate kicking back with her friends enjoying good food and wine. Spending time with her family, she is a Mum to four and Brad’s wife.



Our passionate year nine student who has been working for a year and half learning the ropes of what it takes to become a great stylist. She wants to be a hairdresser when she grows up, she has commenced her apprenticeship in 2024 and aims to become a skilled colourist and then branch out to becoming a lash technician, caring for the other face hair.

As the youngest of five children, Montana loves spending the weekends with her family and baking helps to wind her down after a busy school day and her part time work.



Chloe has recently completed year 12 and is now on board with the Insignia Tribe kickstarting her hair career as a first-year apprentice. Chloe is known for her hardworking nature, dedication, values, loyalty and hard work. She enjoys keeping busy and is very family orientated, but equally enjoys some R&R with herself to recharge her batteries. In her spare time, Chloe loves dancing and going to the gym. Her favourite activities include spending quality time with family and friends, watching movies and staying active.



Kayley was born in New Zealand and made the big move with her family in 2018. Realising after school that hairdressing was a career she would like to explore, she started her career as a first-year apprentice with the Insignia Tribe. Netball was a sport Kayley loved and played for over 10 years, but as time has gone she’s found a deeper love for other things. Now, she spends her time travelling and shopping with her mum. Kayley has a knack for baking and has an extra special fondness for mango daiquiris. Kayley values friendship, commitment and assertiveness.



Amelia has recently joined the Insignia Tribe transferring from another salon as a first-year apprentice, with a deep passion for hairdressing especially bright colours. Amelia strives to learn and grow with the team, aspiring to create magic on her own hairdressing career journey. Amelia enjoys time outside of the salon practicing different hair styles and up-styles, releasing her creative flare any opportunity she gets. Amelia values kindness, honesty and creativity.



Hi I’m Clare, I look forward to seeing you around the salon!



Mikaela started her career with the Insignia Tribe as a school based first-year apprentice and is currently completing year 11 and 12 at a local school. Between work, Tafe and school she spends most of her spare time creating memories and spending quality time with family and friends. Mikaela loves to play netball, go on long walks and hang out with her closest friends. Mikeala’s top 3 values are work, school and family.



Chelsea has recently completed year 10 and has started her career as a first-year apprentice with the Insignia Tribe. She is a dedicated, kind young lady who is thriving within the salon learning all things hair. Chelsea loves spending time with her family and friends. Her hobbies include going to the beach where she loves swimming in the water. Makeup is also something that Chelsea enjoys, but spending time with loved ones really fills the cup. Chelsea values honesty, respect and kindness.

JESSICA (Maternity Leave)


Hey I’m Jessica and I have been doing hair dressing for 10 years. I’m a very bubbly person and love a good laugh and a little sing. I’m very passionate in what I do. I love doing foil work and ombre and love to keep up with the new trends. 

I previously worked with Insignia a few years back and I now have a beautiful baby boy with my partner. Having a son has brought a whole new light to my world, family is everything to me and I love to spend time with my boy as much as possible. It’s great to be back at Insignia, it’s like I have never left.