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Skin Needling


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Skin Needling Treatment  Time 30 mins
As we age, the amount of collagen produced naturally decreases and our pore size increases. There are also other factors that substantially slow down our collagen production such as prolonged
sun exposure and smoking.
However, with our Nano pore skin needling system we can help combat the physical signs of ageing as well as several other skin concerns by increasing the collagen production in the skin.
*Our most corrective and results driven treatment in salon, suitable for most skin types. If you are looking for more youthful, firmer and smoother skin, then this is the treatment for you!

What is skin needling?
Skin needling is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to treat skin concerns via collagen production. The needling creates microscopic small punctures in the skin’s dermis which opens thousands of micro-channels in the skin. This sends out signals between the skin cells to trigger a controlled wound healing response which results increased collagen and elastin production in the dermis. This also helps to transport active ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, where it is most needed, enhancing the treatments effectiveness

Who can have skin needling treatments?
Anyone can have skin needling for an overall rejuvenation of the skin, especially those who are concerned with the following-
• Scarring
• Pigmentation
• Enlarged pores
• Uneven skin tone
• Superficial wrinkles
• Reduced skin elasticity
• Rough skin
• Stretch marks

How many skin needling treatments will I need?
Initially 2-3 treatments are recommended, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. After the initial treatments, a consultation should be booked, and your skin will be re-assessed by one of our trained therapists
*These treatments can be intermixed, and best results are achieved with more than one treatment

Skin Needling
Skin Needling $ 367.5
Above is a minimum price and is a starting guide only.
True and accurate cost can be determined in a free consultation by appointment.