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Is Winter Getting To Your Skin?

Has your skin done a complete 180 during the winter season? Do you find yourself feeling dry, flakey and tight? 

This is a very common ‘issue’ that people have during the change of season. The change of weather and the cold air that comes with the winter season can have a HUGE affect on your skin, not to mention the effects that constant heating can have as well. 

For our oily skinned family, you might be noticing less oil production and possibly some dry patching. We know you’re oily, but don’t fear the hydration! It won’t make your skin excessively oily, if anything, it will balance out your skin and help ‘normalise’ your sebum production. 

For our dry as the Sahara Desert family, you are likely experiencing dryer skin. You need to hydrate and keep hydrating! Having overly dry skin, in extreme cases, can lead to sore, tender and broken skin. 

We have 4 hot tips to help get your skin through the winter season. 

Hydration Is A Must! 

If you haven’t noticed already, we really recommend adding more hydration into your skin care routine. With the cold weather and the drop in humidity levels your skin during winter is being stripped of its own natural moisture. We need to counteract this by adding more hydration and keeping your skin hydrated. 

Oils? Why not! 

If you haven’t already, let’s add an oil into your current skincare routine. This will not only lock in all the hydration you have already imbedded into your skin, but will also add more! Use your oil during your nighttime skin care routine, trust us, it’s life changing. 

For extra luxury, grab your rose quartz roller and gently roll over your skin. This will help the product melt and absorb, while de-puffing your skin. 

I Don’t Need SPF During Winter – Yes You Do!

Sunscreen is for all season! This product is a crucial element to your skincare and to avoid ageing fasting. No amazing skincare routine is without their chosen SPF, if you don’t already have one, it’s time to get on the band wagon and jump on an SPF! 

Don’t Forget Your Lips! 

Are your lips currently suffering during this winter season, I know mine are! Remember that your lips are an incredibly sensitive area and need all the extra love and care that they deserve. Don’t suffer through wind burnt lips!

Gentle exfoliate to remove all dead skin (avoid peeling and rubbing aggressively) then grab your favourite lip balm and lather it on. Keep up the hydration throughout the whole day, everyday and you’ll have luscious lips all winter long! 

If you need help with your current winter routine. Contact the Insignia team! Our beauty girls are ready to give you a killer skincare routine, that is suited specifically to your skin type, needs and wants. We are here to help!